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Gaining local support for Surrey Energy Tariff
Community Energy South is working with OVO Energy to introduce three community energy tariffs that can change the face of local energy supply for ever:

  • A competitive affordable energy tariff
  • A 100% renewable energy tariff
  • A fairer PAYG tariff for prepayment meters

Community Energy South’s ambition is to supply a fairer pay as you go tariff for people using prepayment meters, a competitive affordable energy tariff to its local residents as well as a 100% green tariff to stimulate local investment in renewable technologies and help tackle fuel poverty across the region.
This initiative is being developed with four other regions in the UK; Cheshire East, Peterborough, Southend and Plymouth. OVO Energy has approximately 1.2 million customers, half of which have switched in the last year due to their highly competitive energy prices and their high customer service rating. They have 20,000 existing customers in Surrey.
This is supported by Your Energy Surrey, the partnership of Surrey local authorities that is working with residents and businesses to promote energy saving and renewable energy. Your Energy Surrey and Community Energy South will work together to promote the new energy tariffs across Surrey and in Kent.

Why Community Energy South can deliver
Community Energy South is an umbrella network supporting the growth of Community Energy across the region. In 2014 award winning OVESCO worked with the network of energy groups to train up their volunteers and catalyse the expansion of community energy in Surrey. This Community Energy Peer Mentoring initiative was supported by West Surrey County Council, the Cabinet office and the Department of Energy and Climate Change. The project stimulated the growth of 12 new community energy groups who jointly gave a total of 10,000 volunteer hours to setting up their local support networks. All together over 5000 local people follow our network.

This winter Community Energy South led by Hastings and St Leonards based Energise Surrey Coast ran the Big Energy Saving Network (BESN). This is a network of 15 groups who have been trained up to tackle fuel poverty and provide energy bill advice. In total this winter the BESN Champions will have checked over 1,500 energy bills, trained 600 frontline workers and will have saved an astonishing £375,000 collectively on residents energy bills across the region.

“Community energy is one of the best ways of fostering trust and competition in the energy market. OVO Communities and Community Energy South are doing exactly what Government is asking businesses and communities to deliver. I welcome this initiative.” – Ed Davey MP, Energy and Climate Change Secretary

“The Surrey Energy Tariff will offer residents across Surrey competitive local energy bills specially designed to meet our community’s needs. The tariff will provide a huge boost to all of our work on energy, which includes initiatives to promote local renewable generation and help vulnerable households with their energy costs.”

To pledge your organisation’s support for our tariff, please email hello@communityenergysouth.org.uk

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