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We are appealing to all community energy organisations to send us evidence to support the case for community energy as part of DECC’s consultation on the Feed-In Tariff scheme). To this end, a survey has been compiled to gather information from groups so that we can:


  • Provide a full and well-evidenced response to DECC’s consultation on FITs
  • Send you a summary of our findings to help with your own organisation’s response to the consultation
  • Develop a set of case study stories to be used in a media campaign.


We are asking groups to complete this survey by the end of this week (although earlier would be appreciated). It will take up to 30 minutes but we do plead for as any members as possible to respond so that we can make a strong case on the need to continue support for community energy. We apologise for the short deadline. An appeal was sent out a couple of weeks ago but I am aware that a lot of you have been tied up in pre-accrediting. We have set the date as such to allow us to collate and share the responses before the DECC consultation deadline of 23rd October.


CEE is regularly asked to provide evidence on the ‘wider benefits’ of community energy from various branches of government but as a relatively young organisation this is data on membership that we do not currently hold. This survey aims to gather detailed information which will then be easy to update.
We are also wanting to gather case studies to demonstrate the range of community energy projects that will be affected by the proposed changes and the variety of community benefit that has been delivered. Any groups willing to take part in this are asked to email Louise Marix at
This research is being carried out for Community Energy England by Gill Fenna & Louise Marix Evans of Quantum Strategy & Technology, with the support of The Power to Change charitable trust and Greenpeace.


The survey can be accessed here:


Please tick the box on the last question and include your email address if you would like a copy of your response. If you have any queries regarding the survey please email


Further information:

  • A brief summary of the FiT consultation is available here
  • Example case studies are available here
  •        The full list of questions included in the survey can be accessed in Word format here or Excel here
  • Other important actions to be taken, such as speaking to your MP and supporting campaigns by 10:10 and Friends of the Earth, are outlined in our latest newsletter.


Thank you to those of you who have already completed the survey, all the evidence we collect is incredibly useful and will help us in discussions with DECC

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